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Media Contact Information

Missouri Cannabis Industry Association is an educational and informational organization that helped pass Amendment 2, Missouri’s new Medical Marijuana program.

MCIA was the first cannabis industry organization to be formed in the state and our mission continues to help create a fair and competitive cannabis business market where every Missourian can participate.

MCIAMCIA Logo supports a free market approach to licensing where there are no excessive bureaucratic barriers prohibiting entry. Cannabis is becoming a positive economic force helping both patients and the businesses that serve them. Missouri benefits with expected sales revenues projected to reach $325 to $525 million in the next few years.

Our members run the gamut from those in the plant-touching business to those who never touch the plant, known as ancillary businesses. MCIA’s Board of Directors, Committee Members, and general members are active participants in changing Missouri’s cannabis laws and are knowledgeable in all aspects of retail sales, manufacturing, and cultivation.

Media outlets looking for expert testimony, knowledgeable sources, or quotable influencers when reporting on current cannabis industry or community news should contact MCIA.

We can put reporters, producers, and media in touch with informed experts, or our own members. Use our contact form below to make a request.



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