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Allied Organizations Program

Harness the power of community with AOP

MCIA Allied Organizations Program

FREE Benefits For AOP Members

  • Participate in regular online meetings and discussions.
  • Receive information-packed newsletters.
  • Expanded audience for your events and
    activities on MCIA’s social media.
  • Organization listing and logo on MCIA website
    Allied Organization Program.

Membership in the MCIA Allied Organizations Program (AOP) is for the many cannabis organizations in Missouri to participate in a collaborative platform that will help bring the cannabis community together as one influential family.

  • Engage and network with a diverse range of organizations who share the vision of a cannabis industry that does what is best for everyone.
  • Share your organization’s mission and collaborate with others to help shape our new cannabis industry.
  • Help shape the future and become directly involved in the political process to legalize adult use in Missouri.
  • Stay informed about what is going on in the cannabis industry and community. Membership is free.
  • Membership is free.
  • More information about about signing up your organization is available by using our contact form.

The Allied Organization Program is a membership group consisting of other organizations in the cannabis community who share our mission and vision of the industry. Membership in the AOP does not include membership in MCIA.

MCIA’s Purpose in Starting AOP

MCIA Allied Organizations LogoThe new leadership and members of MCIA see a tremendous opportunity to engage with the cannabis community in a substantive manner.

Our intention is to coalesce the efforts of many cannabis advocacy, social, and political groups into a stronger voice to shape the cannabis industry.

Any organization, no matter how large or small, who shares our values is encouraged to join the MCIA AOP.

Allied Organizations Program Participants

Goals of AOP

  • Provide a platform for allied organizations to collaborate and network with MCIA and the other groups who share our common purpose and values.
  • Share and provide information about relevant news affecting the cannabis community, the government, and the industry.
  • Improve and build on every organization’s standing in the cannabis community.
  • Provide an opportunity for AOP members to share their message.
  • Provide a path for allied organizations to have input in an upcoming Adult Use Ballot Initiative.
  • The AOP will serve as the front door for all the cannabis organizations to collaborate to achieve our individual and collective goals.

How Do Organizations Join AOP?

No membership fee is required to join MCIA’s Allied Organizations Program. Our initiative is completely free and available to any established organizations or cannabis influencers. Many social media networks will find value in joining MCIA’s AOP. Membership can extend your reach. Find new members by exposing your group to others in the cannabis community.

The first step is to submit an MCIA AOP application. Tell us about your group and give us your contact information. Whether your group has 10 members, or 10,000, every group is encouraged to apply to the AOP. MCIA’s leadership team is ready to hear from you.

Request More Information


Do you have questions not answered here? Don't hesitate to send us an email. Our AOP team leaders will be happy to give you all the information you need.

Apply for AOP Membership

The MCIA Allied Organizations Program is one of the many new initiatives of the Missouri Cannabis Industry Association. MCIA has a new and experienced leadership team equally focused on patients and businesses, not just profits.

The Missouri Cannabis Industry Association wants to provide an open and fair opportunity for everyone to participate in our industry. Please fill out the application form below to be considered for membership in AOP. All information is confidential and will not be shared or sold by MCIA.

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