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About MCIA

Our Vision for Missouri's Cannabis Industry

Missouri Cannabis Industry Association


Our purpose is to promote and shape the legalization of cannabis in Missouri to ensure that the benefits and opportunities created by legalization will do the most good for the most people. We will grow and strengthen MCIA to better provide a platform for the business and grassroots cannabis communities to create a successful, safe, and sustainable cannabis industry that reflects Missouri’s values. MCIA will provide benefit and value to our members and the industry. 


Our vision is a cannabis industry that serves patients and customers in the best possible manner, one that is lawful, governed by reasonable regulations, supported by the public, and holds itself to the highest ethical standards. 

The best possible service, quality of products, and price can only be provided by a free-enterprise economic model based on fair and vigorous competition. Every business that qualifies to lawfully serve cannabis consumers should have the right to do so, providing economic opportunity for entrepreneurs in every community in Missouri.  

We envision a cannabis industry that reflects our values of inclusion and social responsibility, provides economic opportunity for disadvantaged segments of our society, and is accessible for people of modest means. 


  • To support our members who are now participating in the brand-new cannabis industry and to be of service to those who will participate in the future.
  • To provide regulatory oversight and advocacy to ensure regulations provide maximum benefit for citizens, patients, and industry participants, and not impose undue burdens on the industry.
  • To educate the public about opportunities in the cannabis industry.
  • To persuade the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to issue unlimited facility licenses for the Medical Marijuana Program and to support and expand personal cultivation and caregiver services.
  • To provide a platform for the Missouri business and grassroots cannabis communities to organize and help create a free-market cannabis industry.
  • To guide and support political action groups dedicated to legalizing adult-use recreational cannabis in Missouri.
  • To fight any efforts to monopolize the Missouri market and suppress competition.

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