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MCIA Cannabis Cultivation & Medication Seminar

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Thanks To All Of Our Presenters Who Helped Make The MCIA Cannabis Cultivation & Medication Seminar a Success!

Erica Ziegler, DHSS Patient Services Director

Erica Ziegler, DHSS’ Patient Services, Keynote Speaker

Erica Ziegler is the Director of Patient Services for Department of Health and Senior Services, Section on Medical Marijuana.

She began working with program on April 22, 2019. Prior to, she worked in government regulation serving as the Consumer Services Manager for the Missouri Public Service Commission.

Before beginning her government career serving Missouri citizens, she served as a health and wellness manager for the Jefferson City YMCA where she was responsible for designing and developing programs to promote health and wellness within the organization and throughout the entire community.

Erica attended Columbia College where she graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Psychology. She is also a certified YOGA instructor enjoys spending time teaching YOGA classes at a studio in her community.

Dan Viets, JD, Chairman of the Board for Missouri Cannabis Industry Association
Dan Viets, JD

Dan Viets, JD, MCIA Board Chair, NAM President, MO NORML Coordinator, MO Lawyer of the Year.

Dan Viets will serve as Seminar Moderator for the Cannabis Cultivation and Medication Seminar.

Dan Viets is President of New Approach Missouri, the campaign which placed Amendment 2, the medical marijuana legalization initiative, on the Missouri ballot in 2018 and successfully worked to persuade voters to pass what is now Article XIV of the Missouri Constitution.

Dan is also Chair of the MCIA Board of Directors, Missouri Coordinator for NORML, was selected as Missouri Lawyers Weekly Lawyer of the Year for 2019, and hosts a weekly radio program titled “Sex, Drugs and Civil Liberties”.

Dan has received the “Keeping the Dream Alive” award from the Martin Luther King Association and the Trailblazer Award from the NAACP.


Nichole Wildrick, RN, OCN

J. Nichole Wildrick is an Oncology Board Certified Registered Nurse who has over 13 years of nursing experience, spending the majority of that time in an outpatient cancer institute.

She has also spent the past 4 years working part-time in an Illinois medical cannabis dispensary as a certified bud tender, overseeing patient and community outreach. Nichole is a member of the American Cannabis Nurse Association and Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), where she also serves as Membership Chair for her local ONS chapter.

Her time spent in the cannabis industry has driven her passion to educate patients and the healthcare community regarding the safe use of cannabis as medicine.

Christine Wildrick

Chris Wildrick, Founding Partner and Co-Owner of Herbal Remedies Dispensary, Quincy, IL.

The Patient Experience, Dispensary Management and Cannabis Employment

Chris is a founding partner and co-owner of Herbal Remedies Dispensary located in Quincy, IL. She played an instrumental role in writing the dispensary’s application and has been overseeing operations since its opening in November of 2015.

Since opening, Chris has had the opportunity to interact with many of the patients, listening to their needs, wants and most importantly hearing their story as to how cannabis has changed their life.

Chris and her team developed a robust budtender training and certification workshop, giving perspective employees/consumers fundamental knowledge on the science behind cannabis. Chris has participated in numerous educational events, bringing awareness as to what cannabis is and isn’t. Chris is also a caregiver for her mother who suffers from dementia.

Leigh Carr

Leigh Zarda Carr, RN, Owner of Hari Om Hemp

Endocannabinoid System

Leigh holds a Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing, her work in the medical field and witnessing the opioid epidemic first hand helped her realize the opportunities in the Industrial Hemp industry. Her seminar topic will present the latest information about the endocannabinoid system.

Leigh is passionate about educating on the benefits of hemp and the natural healing properties found in hemp. Leigh herself suffers from numerous different medical conditions and found that there are many companies whose products are misleading and not always what they say they are. With many failed attempts of finding a quality hemp product Leigh decided to dig deep and find the best product in the market. We think we found that product and we want to share it with everyone we know.

Quality and variety of Hari Om Hemp’s products are very important to her and every product selected is tested and researched vigorously before the line is available to customers.

April Hatch, RN, Respite Nurse

April Hatch, RN, Respite Nurse, Cannabis Consultation, Kansas City, MO

Patient Advocate and Cannabis Consultation

As a Registered Nurse for nearly 15 years I have gained experience in environments including the emergency room, acute care, public health, and education. I have always been passionate about educating and advocating for patients and their family members. Aging and health care are very difficult for most to manage. After experiencing it first-hand with two grandparents I began to do the same for others in the community.

It started when a hospice patient’s daughter needed time to get to the grocery store and was really missing her church service. She couldn’t just ask a friend to care for her ailing mother. She needed a professional she could trust would manage her mother’s care without difficulty and with compassion. Next, a WW II veteran, who desired to continue living at home, needed a professional to assist him in his garage with his projects because his Parkinson’s was becoming difficult to manage. His family needed someone who understood his mobility issues, limitations, medications, and long list of diagnoses. He needed someone he could talk to and build stuff with.

After this I knew I found my niche. Its not only the joy I see in my patients when I visit, but the relief in their family member’s face when they have a professional to provide whatever support they need.

Laurie Gruender

Laurie Gruender, Owner of Green Lyfe Active Intelligence, Columbia, MO

An introduction and guide to responsible edible consumption.

Laurie Gruender is an entrepreneur and the co-owner of Green Lyfe Active Intelligence. After a successful career in retail management that led her around the country, she joined Green Lyfe in 2011. Before Green Lyfe, Laurie worked in the California market for three years, during which time she launched an edible business.

Green Lyfe originated from a way of life that promotes self healing and responsible cannabis consumption for an overall healthier lifestyle. Teaching people how to integrate cannabis into your everyday life responsibly.

Eric McSwain

Eric McSwain, Managing Member, Lit Naturals

Patient / Caregiver relationships: Understanding how to manage expectations and work together to form a productive relationship.
Organic Living Soils: Using the power of natural systems to produce high quality, clean medical cannabis.

Eric McSwain is a disabled veteran and mid-Missouri native who became passionate about cannabis when he witnessed how much it could help patients in need. He is a medical marijuana patient and caregiver and has endeavored not only to care for his patients, but mentor other caregivers in their pursuits. Eric has a passion for organic, sustainable cultivation practices and loves to share his knowledge with just about anyone who will listen.

Jacob Faber

Jacob Faber, Cannabis Cultivator

Advanced cannabis cultivation techniques and essential horticulture processes.

Jacob Faber – a native of Columbia, MO, has worked in the Colorado Cannabis industry for almost ten years, working his way up from a contract trimmer to managing the largest outdoor marijuana farm in the U.S. Along the way he worked indoor and greenhouse grows. Of course he always maintained his personal grow at home. Jacob expertise includes growing high THC cannabis and high CBD hemp.

Mark Parachini, JD, CPA, MBA

Mark Parachini, JD, CPA, MBA

The legal requirements, challenges and uncertainties surrounding cannabis cultivation.

Mark Parachini, JD, CPA, MBA practices law with one of the country’s largest, most historic law firms. His practice involves corporate transactions and litigation, including advising on cannabis business formation, regulatory compliance, and legal disputes. Mark has strong cannabis experience Missouri and throughout the nation.

Mark is presenting on the legal requirements, risk and rewards of Missouri’s home cultivation program. He will provide information useful for first time seed purchasers to seasoned master growers.

Mark Parachini, Attorney at Law


Jason Davis, Founding Partner/CEO – Happy Rock Farms | Fine Gardening and Hydroponics

Basic and Advanced Cultivation using Hydroponics.

Jason Davis has been an active entrepreneur in the Kansas City area for 23 years. Before founding Happy Rock Farms with his partners, Jason worked in Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Design, Real Estate, and Finance. Jason continues to be passionately interested and engaged with all forms of new and social media as well as online social communication and interaction. While born in Honolulu, Jason primarily grew up in Kansas City and after high school at Raytown High School, earned a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Degree from the University of Central Missouri, Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Nevada and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Marketing and Design from Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas.

Jason has been growing and doing plant and hydroponics research, development and design for the past 10 years and his life has been forever changed by Cannabis. At 30 years old, he was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, and then chronic Vestibular Migraines and had several operations, given dozens of medications, multiple therapies, and nothing alleviated his pain, vertigo and inability to work or even function normally. After using Cannabis, his symptoms have nearly disappeared and continues to allow him to function, work, live and thrive…without a doubt, a true believer. Last year, Jason co-founded Happy Rock Farms, an indoor gardening and hydroponics retail store in midtown Kansas City.

His passion and experience with indoor growing and the Cannabis community allows him to assist new and experienced growers alike, helping them find the very best products and solutions for their particular situation. Jason lives in the Brookside area of Kansas City with his wife, Joanna along with his 5 year old Golden Retriever, Harper, and 1 year old Goldendoodle, Ernie.


Pablo Marquez, Cannabis Cultivator

Pablo is experienced in helping others grow safe, quality medicine, as well as preserving and breeding cannabis genetics for future generations.

He is familiar with small scale indoor growing, but also has experience with outdoor and large scale operations.

George Nolen, MoGreens Wellnes

George Nolen, Founder of MOGreens Wellness

George is a Missouri native who moved to Oregon in 2016 to gain legal cultivation experience in the United States’ most competitive market.

He has been the cultivation director for both medicinal and recreation facilities and his flower products were ranked best in Oregon by Leafly in 2018 (Best Flower Products: Boring Weed Co). George is excited to bring his knowledge and expertise back home to ensure patients have access to reliable, safe medicine.

He is the Co-founder of MOGreens Wellness.

Cannabis Cultivation & Medication Seminar




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