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The Missouri Cannabis Industry Association is dedicated to educating Missourians on the multitude of opportunities provided by the cannabis industry in fields including healthcare, agriculture, and small business. We strive to foster a legal environment which will bring Missouri the greatest prosperity possible from the cannabis industry. We support reasonable and effective statewide regulations to ensure public safety and work with communities at the local level to ensure success.

While we are a business oriented organization, we accept that there is an altruistic aspect that is equal to and possibly more foundational than representing business interests. The movement to reform cannabis laws has been from the beginning, an effort to right a wrong that did the following: hurt millions of people through the legal system; demonized a drug that could have been helping millions of people; fostered a black market victimized by powerful criminal cartels; and denied our state beneficial economic activity and income. That is why it is equally important for MCIA to continue to support personal home grows, advocate for redress for clearing past criminal records, commit to a dedicated effort to get the health benefits of cannabis to people who have a medical need, and have a level of democratization and wide distribution of the ‘for profit’ business opportunities.

The altruistic responsibilities cannot be met without a robust and profitable cannabis industry. It will do our economy no good for millions of dollars to be invested in cannabis businesses that go bankrupt. It will do our economy little good for a couple of big businesses to monopolize the industry and do nothing to support local businesses and services; rather, it will enhance our economy for hundreds of smaller businesses to exist that would support local hardware stores, grow suppliers, testing and legal services, and local contractors. The list could go on forever. In fact, in most of Missouri counties, more than half the population is self-employed and would welcome new business opportunities. In a bankruptcy, these are usually the folks who don’t get paid for their work.

This is why our work with the regulators in establishing the regulations is so important and why we must remain focused on rules that are consistent with our foundational goals for the industry.


Make sure legalization is successful! We must do everything in our power to make sure this new law works! We cannot afford to let the opponents of cannabis reform show that non-compliance, black market involvement, bankrupt companies, or bad business practices are the result. Politics will never be far from this industry, but there will be a natural intersection of interests here since many, if not most, in the government will also share our goal: making the law work.

  • Create and maintain an industry that is of most benefit for Missouri and benefits the most people.
  • Eliminate criminal prosecution for cannabis and reduce the negative legal abuse of our citizens.
  • Be perceived by the regulatory agency as a positive contributor in achieving compliance.
  • Lobby and contribute to the rule-making process.
  • Remain dedicated to helping provide quality affordable cannabis to those who need it.
  • Enhance business opportunities.
  • Help establish an industry that maximizes its positive impact on the Missouri economy.
  • Help create a legal cannabis system that will reduce use of more harmful drugs.
  • Making cannabis available to those who would benefit from it.
  • Eliminate the burden of the black market on our state’s economy and replace it with, as well as maximize the positive economic benefit provided by a profitable legal cannabis industry.

Vision Statement

MCIA provides resources, education, information, advocacy, and connections to establish, maintain, and expand ethical, profitable, and growing businesses in service to their customers.

MCIA provides leadership and direction for the cannabis industry and professionals to advance professional standards, business practices, and the overall image and credibility of the industry and its ultimate contribution to society.

MCIA helps cannabis professionals to better manage their business for growth and profit.

We do this by:

  • Lobbying to protect their businesses from harmful regulation and by providing a strong voice for this important industry to the state regulators and the Legislators.
  • Providing education and networking to businesses and professionals to improve operations and provide a competitive advantage for members.
  • Promoting the highest ethical standards for use by our industry.
  • Promoting Best Practices to enhance our members’ success.
  • Helping members navigate regulations.
  • Allowing providers of goods and services, as well as businesses directly involved in the cannabis industry, to access networking opportunities for all.

2019 represents a momentous opportunity for Missouri to secure a strategic role in the budding cannabis market. There will be an opportunity to revitalize and invigorate Missouri industries related to medical research, biofuel, textiles, food, and other areas.
We hope that you will join us and the Missouri Cannabis Industry Association in representing the needs of Missouri businesses, entrepreneurs, patients and citizens while we work together to create industry standards whose values reflect those set forth in our mission statement.

2020 Board of Directors


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